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Some people have more trouble than others waking up and being productive early in the morning, even if they desire to do so. Some are more productive later than they are earlier.

Dr. Kevin Dalby says there are ways that most night owls can learn to wake up earlier in the morning and be more productive. Here are five ways you can wake up earlier and love doing it.

Tip #1. Prepare for the Morning

One of the things people dread about mornings is all the prep work involved. After you roll out of bed, the last thing you might want to do is prepare a healthy breakfast. Instead, you turn to what’s quick and easy, and that starts you off on the wrong foot.

You can start loving waking up early by preparing breakfast the night before. You can prepare a breakfast smoothie by putting all the ingredients in a container and then simply blending it when you wake up. Overnight oats are also a simple, healthy, and delicious way to start your morning off right.

Tip #2. Set a Sleep Alarm

Most people set a morning alarm to wake up on time, but not many people put an alarm to sleep at night. Setting a go-to-sleep alarm forces you to stop what you’re doing and prepare for bed — just as a morning alarm forces you to wake up and start your day.

A nighttime alarm will ensure that you’re getting sufficient rest and not staying up too late to watch just one more episode of the new show you’re binge-watching.

Tip #3. Do Something You Love

You may not love waking up early because you don’t like what you have to do in the morning. You don’t like working out. You don’t like preparing a healthy breakfast. You don’t like getting ready to go to work.

You can flip the script on the morning outlook by setting aside time each morning to do something you love. This can be as simple as having a cup of coffee while you read the news, checking social media, or watching a show.

By scheduling this time in the morning for something you enjoy doing, you’re more likely to love waking up early.

Tip #4. Write Down the Whys

Why do you want to wake up earlier in the first place? It may be to get time to yourself, work out before the workday starts, or eat healthier.

It’s easy to remember your “why” in the short term but also easy to forget it in the long term. By writing down your motivation for waking up early, you’ll be keeping yourself on track each and every day.

Tip #5. Do It Incrementally

Any change will be difficult at first, especially if you try to institute monumental changes overnight — no pun intended. Kevin Dalby suggests making incremental changes to your night and morning routines, so waking up early can be a realistic proposition for the long term.

Start by setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual. Then, once you’re comfortable with that new time, go 30 minutes earlier and so forth until you reach your ultimate goal.

Before you know it, you’ll be waking up earlier in the morning and loving every minute of it.

About Kevin Dalby

Dr. Kevin Dalby is chemical biology and medicinal chemistry professor who is currently working on cancer drug discovery. At the College of Pharmacy at The University of Texas, he examines the mechanisms of nature and cancer to develop new treatments and teach and motivate students to conduct research. Dalby is optimistic about the future of cancer treatments.