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Kevin Dalby, Austin Professor, Shares 4 Super Ways to Keep Energy Levels High at Work

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When it comes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, efforts toward self-care is crucial. Properly taking care of yourself feeds over into excellent energy levels and a sharp mind all day long in and outside of the workplace.

Kevin Dalby, Austin local cancer research doctor, and professor at the University of Texas, spends long days on campus during research periods and school sessions. Defeating fatigue through healthy habits is how Dalby takes on his extended workdays, and he reveals four ways to stay full of energy during the day.

Way #1: Sleep

When trying to increase energy levels during the workday, start by taking a more in-depth look at your sleeping habits. Multiple studies show the impact sleep has on your performance ability. Some scientists say to take advantage of naps during the day to increase vitality, while others suggest restricting rest time. The National Sleep Foundation suggests a twenty to thirty-minute nap during the day can help limit regular sleep interruption while boosting energy. However, Harvard health specialists recommend trying to get less sleep if you are feeling a lack of rest. Using your bed for sleep only and excluding other tempting activities such as watching television helps open the door to deeper sleep.

Way #2: Eat Better

What you put into your body, your body will give back to you. When choosing food, consider leaning towards options that fuel your body to exert more energy. Healthy meals with a low glycemic index such as nuts, healthy oils, vegetables with high-fiber, and whole grains are great options. These foods have sugars that the body will absorb over a more extended period. Rather than sitting down three times a day to consume a meal, give your brain a steady stream of nutrition and consider filling yourself every couple of hours with small meals and snacks. Also, take in more water, less alcohol, and do not be afraid of a little caffeine.

Way #3: Exercise

Why exercise if it makes you feel more tired? Completing a workout might follow with a need to lie on the floor, but establishing a physical fitness routine will dramatically increase energy levels over time. The more you exercise, the more energy your cells can burn and circulate oxygen, and higher stamina and motivation will shortly follow and continue to escalate. Plus, working your body a little harder during the day will guarantee a better night’s sleep. Try working out in the daylight for a double dose of good for your body, too. Natural light will help avoid fatigue and depression during slower days.

Way #4: Plan

If you find yourself exhausted for multiple days at a time while working, that might be a sign that you are overworked. Too much work on your plate to handle while trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance can throw off your whole body. Try planning your day around your priorities and leave the less important tasks at the bottom of your list.

About Kevin Dalby

Dr. Kevin Dalby is a professor of chemical biology and medicinal chemistry, currently working on cancer drug discovery. At the College of Pharmacy at The University of Texas, he is examining the mechanisms of nature and cancer to develop new treatments, and teaching and motivating students to conduct research. Dalby is optimistic about the future of cancer treatments. When he is not working, Kevin Dalby enjoys photography and spending time in the Texas countryside with his dogs.